Our fall schedule is now available! Registration begins August 15th!

Our Dance Studio

Established in 2000, Spotlight Dance Center is located in Clarkston, Michigan and offers dance classes for ages 3 to adult. With a variety of classes available, dancers can learn an array of styles to become complete dancers.

Our Facility

With 1 full stage-sized rehearsal room, and 3 additional large classrooms, Spotlight can run four simultaneous classes. All rooms feature dance specific flooring, full height mirrors, and modern sound systems.

Highly Trained Staff

Spotlight’s instructors are highly trained and have thorough knowledge of the art of dance. Our staff includes Dance Masters Certified Instructors, instructors with Degrees in Dance, and a former Elementary School teacher.

What classes does Spotlight offer?

Classes are scheduled Monday through Thursday in the late afternoon and into the evening. Recital is held every June at Clarkston High School. Visit our schedule and recital pages for more information.

Pre-Ballet and Tap
Beginner-level classes designed to introduce young children to the fundamentals of technique, posture, and coordination. Designed for children under 5, these classes are meant to teach children how to take a dance class using listening skills and emphasizing good classroom behavior.
A classical dance form characterized by grace, precision, and fluid movements.
An advanced ballet technique that showcases graceful and precise movements performed in pointe shoes.
A rhythmic dance style where dancers create lively beats and rhythms by skillfully using their feet to make their own music.
An energetic dance style with a focus on syncopated rhythms, isolations, and improvisation.
A high-energy street dance style that combines various elements of urban and hip-hop culture.
Boys Hip-hop
A boys only class at a discounted rate that focuses on classic hip-hop movements.
A fusion of ballet and jazz techniques, characterized by fluid and emotional movements that interpret the lyrics of a song.
A modern dance style that blends elements of ballet, jazz, and lyrical dance, emphasizing expression and interpretation.

Competitive Dance

For advanced students over the age of 6, Spotlight offers additional opportunities to develop dance and life skills through our Company Team.

The team competes in 4-5 competitions each year and attends a National Competition every other year. These competitions offer a chance for dancers to showcase their skills and receive feedback from judges across disciplines.

Auditions for the team are held every June following recital.